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Our residential moving services ensure a smooth transition to your new home. Trust our experienced team for secure and efficient local moves.

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Our effective commercial moving services can help you minimise company disturbance. We prioritize the secure transfer of your business assets for a smooth transition.

Moving And Storage

Need storage during your move? Our moving and storage services provide a secure and flexible solution for your belongings.

Packing & Unpacking

Take the stress out of moving with our professional packing and unpacking services. We secure your belongings for the journey and streamline the unpacking process.

Long Distance Moving

Our long-distance moving services ensure a seamless transition to your new destination. Trust us for careful planning and execution.

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Our specialized piano moving ensures the safe transport of your instrument. From grand pianos to uprights, we handle every detail for a secure move.

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What Makes us the Best Movers in North York?

At Six Movers, we take pride in offering reliable, efficient, and personalised moving services. Choose us as your trusted movers in North York! 


  • Punctual and dependable services that you can rely on for a stress-free move
  • Track record of timely deliveries and secure handling of belongings.



  • Streamlined and efficient processes to ensure a smooth moving experience.
  • Well-trained and experienced team members dedicated to efficiency.

Personalized Touch

  • Tailored moving solutions to meet the unique needs of North York residents.
  • Personalized customer service, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed.

Local Challenges And Solutions

Moving in or out of North York poses distinctive challenges, and as expert movers in North York, we are well-equipped to overcome them.

Bustling Streets

  • Navigating through the bustling streets of North York requires strategic planning and familiarity with local traffic patterns.
  • Six Movers’ experienced drivers are adept at navigating city traffic, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of your belongings.

Adhering To Local Regulations

  • North York may have specific regulations related to parking and moving logistics.
  • Six Movers is well-versed in local regulations, ensuring compliance to avoid any inconveniences during your move.


Discover North York - A Brief Neighborhood Guide

Nestled within the diverse tapestry of Ontario, North York unfolds as a city of dynamic neighbourhoods, cultural richness, and a unique charm. There is a lot to explore in this awesome city. Come take a sneak peak into the city with your favourite movers in North York.

Diverse Neighbourhoods In North York
  •  Explore the upscale ambiance of Willowdale with its luxury residences and shopping districts.
  • Experience the suburban tranquillity of Bayview Village, featuring parks, family-friendly amenities, and modern residences.
  • Immerse yourself in the multicultural hub of Jane and Finch, known for its vibrant community and diverse culinary scene.
  • Visit the Aga Khan Museum to explore Islamic art, culture, and heritage.
  • Attend cultural events at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, a hub for performing arts and entertainment.
  • Attend cultural events at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, a hub for performing arts and entertainment.
  • Stroll along the historic Gibson House Museum to step back in time and experience North York’s heritage.
  • Discover the culinary scene at Yonge Street, offering a diverse range of restaurants and cafes.

North York Bucket ListMust-Do Activities Whether Moving To Or Leaving Before Embarking On Your Journey To Or From North York, Make Sure To Check Off These Must-Do Activities

Before embarking on your journey to or from Concord, make sure to check off these must-do activities that capture the essence of this vibrant city:

Explore the Don Valley Trails

Hike or bike along the scenic Don Valley trails, offering a retreate into nature within the city.

Attend a Cultural Event

Experience a cultural event of performance at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Visit Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Indulge in some retail therapy at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, a premier shopping destination in North York.

Dine Along Yonge Street

Enjoy a culinary tour along Yonge Street, sampling the diverse array of restuarant and cafes, 

Tour Gibson House Museum

Immerse yourself in North York’s history with a visit to the Gibson House Museum.

Relax at Edwards Gardens

Unwind and enjoy the beauty of Edwards Gardens, a tranquil botanical oasis.

Accomplishing these activities in this vibrant city guarantees a comprehensive experience. As your dedicated movers in North York, we are here to ensure your transition is both seamless and memorable.

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